Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Food Thirty

Last thursday I had the opportunity to photograph a food event for my friend's mom. I've never really shot food seriously before so I was interested in the new experience. I didn't really know what to expect so I packed two lenses and one camera. A Canon 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6 and a Nikon Nikkor 50mm F/1.4D to accompany my Canon T2i. Upon arrival, I soon found out I would actually be shooting mostly in the kitchen while the food was being prepared. The kitchen itself had decent room to work so I opted for a no flash, large aperture look, as not to disturb the people preparing the food. Considering I would be there for some of food making. I decided to go a bit photojournalist and layout the photos in a linear manner as they came together. As the dinner service began things started moving very fast, and I forgot how hot it gets in a kitchen. Ordered are being handled and the kitchen is in full swing, what was once full counters, are becoming increasingly barren. The food goes out and things begin to settle down. I'm done shooting and begin to enjoy my share of the food. As I thought about this assignment after completion, I realized it was actually a lot like shooting an event. Things are fast paced, people are moving all over, and time is of the essence. If there is one thing I've learned shooting events, it's be confident, not only in your own abilities but of others. Don't be afraid to get in the zone and get that shot, it very rarely presents itself again. Big thanks to Emmy Fishman for allowing me to photograph this for her. Thanks for stopping by.


1/60s,  F/2.8,  ISO 1600

Chicken, Chorizo, Rice, and Veggies

1/60s,  F/2.8,  ISO 1600

Stuffed shrooms

1/50s,  F/2.8,  ISO 1600

So it begins

Workin it

1/60s,  F/2.8,  ISO 3200

1/100s,  F/2.8,  ISO 3200

Finishing touches

1/100s,  F/2.2,  ISO 3200


1/160s,  F/3.5,  ISO 3200

1/125s,  F/2.4,  ISO 3200

1/200s,  F/2.0,  ISO 3200

Simple concept, Strong results

1/160s,  F/2.0,  ISO 3200

Making the whip cream for dessert

I used a "slower" shutter speed to capture the movement of this beast in action

1/200,  F/5.6,  ISO 3200

Delicious Dessert

1/125s,  F/1.8,  ISO 3200

The man behind the lens wearing a hair net. Le Chao



  1. Everything looks how the texture of the food sort of jumps out at you, making it look very appetizing. Great photos that would fit in any food publication.

  2. Thanks alot cuz. Food isn't something I shoot often but it's always nice to mix it up and stay on your toes. Take care out there