Saturday, May 11, 2013

The camera that changed my life

Ill never forget it, ill never forget the day because it was thanksgiving 2008. I was living in Torrance, California at the time and wasn't coming home for the holiday. Needless to say I was a bit bummed out and sought relief in some amazing friends I had met. I was invited over to the Soliven's house for the day. I was chatting with my good friend Kent and his brother Lester. I had been bugging Kent about using his Pentax K1000 more because I got a taste for using an SLR in September during Sevenstock (which was amazing). Kent agreed to let me take it for the day and off I went. I really had no exact place in mind but I ended up traveling to a place I fell in love with. Considering I was driving my Mazda RX-7 at the time, I couldn't resist ripping up the turns at Ranchos Palos Verdes. What I was holding in my hands changed the way I looked at things. I no longer saw them as reality but as shapes, colors, and light that I could compose into art. After parking I had started walking down a hiking trail which switch backed up and down until you reached the ocean. I spent a long time in the area wandering, thinking, composing, and being excited about photography. That was many moons ago and here I am, still using thee ol girl Pentax K1000. People have called me crazy, brave, high risk for using my beloved film camera when the stakes are high and you gotta nail that shot. To an extent they are right but at the same time they're missing out on something great. It's nice to get away from the digital age, the iDevice age, and get back to the basics. I still use my K1000 vigorously like the day I bought it and have no intentions of slowing down. Some will say I'm contradicting myself by digitizing these photos to post here, but I feel the photos still hold their film feel. Also, none have been touched in post production, this is how they came out of camera. This set of photos was taken before my good friend Jeff's wedding on 4/27/13. If you'd like to see these film prints in person contact me and you can have a look while we chat. I hope you enjoy the photos as it was a special day. Thanks for stopping by

All Photo on this post shot with a Pentax K1000, 50mm F/2 lens, and a SINGLE roll of Kodak Tri-X B&W 400 film


Looking into the mirror

Best man. Rey

Thumb action

Getting ready for photos

Got close and surprised him

Jeff with his sister Jennifer

Headed to the Venue

La Paloma lobby shot


Sharp as a razor

Personal favorite

Le Chao and Jeff


Waiting game

Pound it


Le Ring


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