Wednesday, February 11, 2015

City of Angels Vol. 3

I've recently blogged about my time covering race cars in Los Angeles last year, but that post was mostly dedicated to the amazing cars on show at SevenStock 16. So, I'm bringing back a post entirely about my most recent time spent in the City of Angels. Last month I had the opportunity to travel and visit Southern California once again. I would head out with my beautiful girlfriend with the intention of relaxing, and shooting various spots in Los Angeles. Stationed in the northern valley of Thousand Oaks, we were close to interesting spots that we decided to visit. First up would be downtown area, more specifically, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Multiple large buildings make up the museum with various exhibits from japanese art to german films. Saturday involved driving out to beautiful Santa Barbara for some sight seeing, spirited driving, seafood for lunch, and the planned beach shoot. There were certainly some aspects of shooting on the beach I was a bit unprepared for but it was still a really good experience. Our next day in town was spent in the Malibu and Santa Monica area. We attended The Getty Villa museum which was absolutely amazing. There were incredible works of art from all mediums on display. The chiseled and carved marble statues stood out the most to me, along with all the marble sarcophagi. This place is a must see for anyone who appreciates art, period. Santa Monica is always an interesting place because of how vibrant the area is. Tons of people, shops, and bright lights can distract the first time visitor. As the sun went down that evening, I couldn't help but think how fortunate I am to be able to travel, and make art. Overall I had an amazing time even though I was not able to shoot some badass Mazda RX-7s like I had planned. Until next time

Palm Springs

Vanessa at LACMA

Samurai Armor

Samurai Swords
Santa Monica

Santa Barbara
Beach Shoot

The Getty Villa

Achilles Sarcophagus