Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Analog Photog: All B&W Everything

In this edition of Analog Photog I will be sharing all b&w images shot on film. This is a post I've been wanting to do for a while now. I'm glad the processed film does justice to the models who worked with me for these two rolls of film. Yes that's correct, all the photos in this post were shot with only two rolls of film. There was actually quite a bit of flopping back and forth between the films because I have two film cameras. The first film I used was Ilford Delta 100. It's a really clean b&w with little grain due to being ASA (ISO) 100. I was a big fan of the way this film rendered skin tones and highlights. The next roll used was Kodak T-MAX 400. This film has a bit more grain due to being ASA 400, especially in the midtones. I did like how this film looked when slightly underexposed. The contrast and detail in the shadows was really nice when shot this way. One of the best parts about shooting film is how attached you are to the whole process. Picking a desired film for a certain look, making the magic with your own hands, and the excitement when viewing your images for the first time. Overall, I had a fun time testing out and shooting these rolls. Until next time

All photos in this post are straight from camera

Natural Light Only

No Editing No Photoshop