Wednesday, January 25, 2017

White Out

2017 is running full steam ahead and I couldn't be more excited about the images I'm creating. My most recent shoot merits a blog post entirely on its own. An amazing shoot with Vanessa @sin_of_vanity and my dog Lucy in snow covered Mt. Lemmon. After heavy snow we decided to head up the mountain and see what we could create. The week prior was all about planning. A custom red coat with hood was made using velvet fabric and lots of patience. Our own version of red riding hood if you will. Much props to Vanessa on her vision and creating said wardrobe. My advice if you want to do any shoot in the snow, bring blankets and heating pads to keep everyone comfortable or else its gonna be along day. Let me know what you think about the photos. Until next time

Vanessa & Lucy


Thursday, January 12, 2017

2016 Review

Looking back on 2016 I have to say it was a really good year photographically. I personally underwent a lot of challenges that tested me and my art. A big change was moving from my modern home with large studio space to an 80 year old vintage house in a historic neighborhood. The way I photographed subjects in the second half of the year is a reflection of that move. Much more natural light work with warmer tones became complimentary with the location. In losing the large studio space, I gained an entire playground with hardwood floors and interesting possibilities. I'll let the photos do the talking. As always, thanks again to everyone who worked with me this year and made it all possible. Until next time

Forever playing with light and shadow

Dragoon, AZ

Arizona Science Center

Summer Days

Tucson Fashion Week


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Fast Forward

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to view this post. We are currently seven months into 2016 and I've been shooting like crazy. Fast Forward to current date, the sexy style shoot remains a personal favorite for creating art and challenging myself. It's been a full year since I switched to full frame camera  and I must say, it's been worth every penny. Looking back on my images I notice a pattern. The more I shoot and the longer I've been doing this. The hit rate for keepers during a shoot has gone up dramatically. This could be very well down to the much improved autofocus system. Also, more so down to I've been really focused on my compositions, posing, and emotions during the shoot. While fancy gear is always nice and makes getting better images easier, don't be a slave to it. Strive to create powerful images through your relationships with your subjects. That's the thing I wish someone told me earlier working with people. We're all different, have feedback, and can create something from nothing, that's pretty amazing. I challenge you to do the same, stop consuming so much, get out there and create. Until next time, here's the best of my latest works. Thank you








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