Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Busy In Bisbee

Recently I had the opportunity to head south east of Tucson to Bisbee, Arizona. I had never been there before so naturally I wanted to photograph and document my travels. This particular area of Arizona is really old and on the way to Bisbee you pass through Tombstone, Arizona. The town famous for the gun fight at the OK Corral. Cowboys and boots run this town. It's all a reminder that things move at a slower pace out here. Considering this was a day trip it all happened quickly and left me feeling exhausted yet happy with the journey. Bisbee is full of hills so it makes driving really fun, but walking for an extended time will have your legs burning. Spending the day checking out everything and exploring makes me want to go back to shoot portraits. Overall I had a lot of fun and now have some future shoots to plan. Until next time

Welcome to Bisbee, AZ


Random Huge Bug

There is tons of old stores like this one

Stairs Everywhere

Secret Garden

Open Pit Mine
Used the 70-200mm telephoto to reach the bottom

The vehicle for the day. Big thanks Linda!

Red Rocks

The whole area just has an old time feel

Bye Bisbee


Tombstone, AZ

Bang Bang

Tired in Tombstone

Colorful Fellow

On the way to the gun fight

1/1250th sec,  F/4.0,  ISO 400


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Photoflex 72 Inch Umbrella Review

Every once in a while a product comes along that totally changes your photography. A product that forces you to rethink, analyze, and adapt to its presence. The all new Photoflex 72 inch umbrella is exactly that. Upon arrival I knew it was going to be an absolute treat to use. Open the nice carrying case provided and you realize how massive this thing is going to be. Initial impressions are fantastic build quality like all Photoflex products. There were a few reasons I choose this particular light modifier and I'll share them with you. Price: At $60 dollars directly from Amazon, this is one hell of a deal when compared to similar modifiers. Ease of use: It's an umbrella, just unlatch the lock and pull out for very easy setup. Size: At 72 inches this umbrella is simply massive, only the 7 foot octodome triumphs in this department (it also costs $500, ouch!).  Quality of light: Strobes or Speedlites, it doesn't matter, this massive modifier showers your subject in ultra soft even light. If you are not familiar with light modifiers, there is a simple rule. The larger the light source, and the closer you place it to the subject, the softer the light will be. When photographers refer to soft light, it's not actually the light itself that is soft, it is the shadows. The transition between highlight and shadow is very gradual and falls off nicely, it's quite flattering for your subject. Often in the world of photography, items can be so expensive and without proper usage/knowledge/experience/, can yield mediocre results at best. The Photoflex 72 inch umbrella is most certainly not one of those, it delivers the goods in a very simple way. Until next time

The all new Photoflex 72 inch umbrella inside its case. StarFlash 650w strobe with modeling lamp removed

Three Speedlite flash units setup inside the 72 inch umbrella


Arizona Sunset

Red gel on the bare Speedlite

The 72 inch umbrella is big enough to light a large object like a car

Product style images of a woman's Bulova watch

Blue gel applied to speedlite at camera left

Shooting photos to help a kitten get adopted, which did happen recently

Portraits on Mt. Lemmon, you can't really tell but its freezing and ended up hailing


50mm,  1/200th sec,  F/4.0,  ISO 100

Monday, May 5, 2014

World of Dance L.A. 2014

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to travel with some of my family to Los Angeles, California. Our mission was simple, attend and support my sister Kristina. My sister recently joined a hip hop dance studio here in Tucson. Considering she's pretty damn awesome at what she does, it was no surprise she immediately impressed. Those skills earned her a call up to the senior group, which would be competing against various groups at "World of Dance" in the city of angels. Upon arrival to the Los Angeles Convention Center it was painfully obvious this is a huge event. Parking was at a premium and the line to get in for a seat stretched nearly two blocks down the road. After slyly slipping our way into line (otherwise known as cutting) we made it inside to get a good seat. Up first would be the youth division, but don't let their age fool you, these kids can move. I sat up, walked around, and continued to shoot the event. As time went on I needed a break, wandering outside the convention center immediately sparked my interest in all the people. Needless to say, I took quite a few street photos. One drink of tequila at a local bar and I was back at the event, just in time for the adult division. While I am not a great dancer by any means, I can truly respect what the competitors were capable of, very impressive to say the least. All the groups had performed and it was time for the awards. My sister's group "The Drop Fam" did well on their second attempt, claiming 7th place overall. I can't begin to explain how proud I am of my sister. She got up in front of thousands of people and didn't miss a beat. Performing to such a standard under press takes big lady balls, mad props. The next day was spent relaxing with family at the beach, and lots of don. Overall, it was a great time and I can't wait to get back to my second home. The city of angles shines bright with opportunity. Until next time

The Stage is set

World of Dance Los Angeles 2014


One Love

Old Passions are hard to ignore

Downtown L.A.

Weenie Time

"The Drop Fam"

My sister did great, holding it down

A variety of costumes kept the audience entertained

This team is from Mexico city
Flips n Shit

Que Loco

Media Everywhere

Congratulations Kristina, You did amazing and everyone is proud of you