Saturday, May 17, 2014

Photoflex 72 Inch Umbrella Review

Every once in a while a product comes along that totally changes your photography. A product that forces you to rethink, analyze, and adapt to its presence. The all new Photoflex 72 inch umbrella is exactly that. Upon arrival I knew it was going to be an absolute treat to use. Open the nice carrying case provided and you realize how massive this thing is going to be. Initial impressions are fantastic build quality like all Photoflex products. There were a few reasons I choose this particular light modifier and I'll share them with you. Price: At $60 dollars directly from Amazon, this is one hell of a deal when compared to similar modifiers. Ease of use: It's an umbrella, just unlatch the lock and pull out for very easy setup. Size: At 72 inches this umbrella is simply massive, only the 7 foot octodome triumphs in this department (it also costs $500, ouch!).  Quality of light: Strobes or Speedlites, it doesn't matter, this massive modifier showers your subject in ultra soft even light. If you are not familiar with light modifiers, there is a simple rule. The larger the light source, and the closer you place it to the subject, the softer the light will be. When photographers refer to soft light, it's not actually the light itself that is soft, it is the shadows. The transition between highlight and shadow is very gradual and falls off nicely, it's quite flattering for your subject. Often in the world of photography, items can be so expensive and without proper usage/knowledge/experience/, can yield mediocre results at best. The Photoflex 72 inch umbrella is most certainly not one of those, it delivers the goods in a very simple way. Until next time

The all new Photoflex 72 inch umbrella inside its case. StarFlash 650w strobe with modeling lamp removed

Three Speedlite flash units setup inside the 72 inch umbrella


Arizona Sunset

Red gel on the bare Speedlite

The 72 inch umbrella is big enough to light a large object like a car

Product style images of a woman's Bulova watch

Blue gel applied to speedlite at camera left

Shooting photos to help a kitten get adopted, which did happen recently

Portraits on Mt. Lemmon, you can't really tell but its freezing and ended up hailing


50mm,  1/200th sec,  F/4.0,  ISO 100

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