Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Busy In Bisbee

Recently I had the opportunity to head south east of Tucson to Bisbee, Arizona. I had never been there before so naturally I wanted to photograph and document my travels. This particular area of Arizona is really old and on the way to Bisbee you pass through Tombstone, Arizona. The town famous for the gun fight at the OK Corral. Cowboys and boots run this town. It's all a reminder that things move at a slower pace out here. Considering this was a day trip it all happened quickly and left me feeling exhausted yet happy with the journey. Bisbee is full of hills so it makes driving really fun, but walking for an extended time will have your legs burning. Spending the day checking out everything and exploring makes me want to go back to shoot portraits. Overall I had a lot of fun and now have some future shoots to plan. Until next time

Welcome to Bisbee, AZ


Random Huge Bug

There is tons of old stores like this one

Stairs Everywhere

Secret Garden

Open Pit Mine
Used the 70-200mm telephoto to reach the bottom

The vehicle for the day. Big thanks Linda!

Red Rocks

The whole area just has an old time feel

Bye Bisbee


Tombstone, AZ

Bang Bang

Tired in Tombstone

Colorful Fellow

On the way to the gun fight

1/1250th sec,  F/4.0,  ISO 400


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