Thursday, April 26, 2012

This is Texas kinda...Act 2

A little more than a year after I started this blog I found myself in the place it all started, Texas. I was there for work training and I simply cant travel without my camera and some of my cherished lenses. More than a year ago I had just come back from exploring the surrounding area of northern Houston, and I decided I needed a place to not only share my photos but where I could speak my mind. Voila! this blog was born then and there. Alot has changed for me in a year regarding my photography and equipment. Last year I was still using 35mm film (I still do by the way) and my camera phone. Now I currently own a Nikon D80 dslr with 5 lenses and a 2x converter (covered in the Glass Eyes post). I also most recently purchased a Canon T2I dslr for the excellent video and photo capabilities. I have one canon lens and currently use a fotodiox adapter so I can use all my Nikon lenses on my Canon body, its pretty sweet. I also purchased a nice carry handle for my dslr to stabilize video. With that being said my only real limitation now is my imagination. I feel like I've grown a lot in that time and am pretty excited about it. My next post will be about my upcoming bike race on Saturday. Tour of the Tucson mountains. Until next time. Now onto the goods

Carry handle for the dslr cameras

The carrying handle lets you get very low angles

These woods are creepy at night by yourself

Gotta love the 14 point stars the Nikon 50mm f/1.4 makes

Fungus growing on the side of a tree

Was actually able to get pretty close to this sucker, the 300mm lens also helps

Delicate landing

Random dog that was following me around

Everything is Texas is huge, including this 2 foot mailbox

America baby

Going home

You will get sucked in, don't be that guy

Finding out what it means

I know its been awhile but I feel like I should update. This post will be short as I simply wanna touch on a subject before I post about my recent trip to Texas. Ask anyone in photography, "What does photography mean to you?" You're likely to get so many different answers its incredible. When I first started shooting seriously back in 08 I was overwhelmed with the creative freedom. At the time, to me photography was about art, being creative, exploring, expressing yourself, and downright having fun. That's not to say I still don't feel that way, but I recently acquired a book made by TIME "Great images of the 20th century". As soon as I turned the first page I was instantly taken back and blown away. The power of each image was truly amazing, with each image a caption was provided. The captions were not meant to explain each photo but help understand location and the time. As I continued reading and examining each photo something became quite clear to me. Some of the images were either too dark or too bright or even a little blurry, but it didnt matter. What mattered was that exact moment in time was being captured. That's when it hit me, it doesn't matter what camera or what settings you're using. What matters is that your simply there and ready to hit that shutter button when the moment comes. Having your camera, being there, and being ready is the true battle in creating a great image. I can only hope in my lifetime I have the opportunity to capture such great events to share with the world. I would most certainly recommend this book to anyone who appreciates photography. Until next time. See ya