Friday, May 27, 2011

In a world called fantasy

another good week has gone and passed. looking forward to the weekend. starting friday we have earth wind and fire performing at the ava. should be a great show if youre into that music, if not thats coo too. saturday i have to work unfortunately but ill most definetly stop at 12 pm to tune into the champions league final. go manchester united! i really dont even like them but i hate barcelona even more so they get my support. sunday is a bit open at the moment. if not golfing in the morning then going out for a ride. took quite a few shots this week and think quite a few turned out really great so i hope my followers enjoy them. lets begin

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In through the out door

i must say its quite nice being able to take quality shots and not have to pay someone to get them developed. its also very convienent to see my work directly afterwards. with my latest acquisition i can now take better shots to display here. todays my brothers birthday and thats pretty awesome. have a good time tonight. last night i messed around with some more light painting and enjoyed myself as i hope you will when you see these. enjoy

Monday, May 23, 2011

Intro to the next level

morning to all my followers. its monday and the weekend is now behind us. whole rapture thing was very y2k-ish. friday night was big for me in that i finally got a dlsr. a nikon d80 to be a bit more exact. its a nice camera  and i am enjoying it thoroughly at the moment, although i am still aiming for a canon 7d. so in case anyone wants to trade plus cash...just sayin. saturday i did some golfing and partying of sorts. sunday was relaxing and i took some night shots. overall a very good weekend. enjoy