Thursday, March 31, 2011

Im on my way, home sweet home

landed in tucson not too long ago. had to take a nap from some serious jet lag haha i keed i keed. but seriously, traveling by plane is quite exhausting. houston was pretty good, just a completly different scene. i must say rudy's gas station/bbq restaurant is super dank. i mean where else can you pump some cheap gas and get a baked potatoe with "chop". i asked a guy what "chop" was and he said hell if i know. all i know is that its super tasty. i have yet to develop my 35mm film pics from my trip but i will soon and plan on scanning them for your viewing pleasure, so more to come. all in all, good trip and im glad to be home safely. on to the goods...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

this is texas...kinda

I have started this blog to share my photos with the world and my oh so loyal followers. Thank you for checking it out, drop me some feedback if you're up for it. .So its my second day in texas and im enjoying it so far. Gotta love getting away for a bit on company dime. Without further delay, some of my handy work. Most of these were done with an effect. Click on each pic for an enlarged view. Enjoy.