Monday, May 20, 2013

Second Home

I come to downtown Tucson for alot of reasons, basically the only thing I don't do down there is sleep and shower. Over the years I've found the one thing that keeps bringing me back time and time again, I'm able to express myself there. I think it has to do with what sports fanatics call "home field advantage". When you're comfortable in your surroundings you can break free and get in the zone. Not only do you know the layout of the location, but other factors like lighting angles, reflections, windy corridors, and where it's safe to bring a model. I was recently out shooting portraits with a very lovely woman I just met, and her name is Alexa. I feel she has a very edgy yet classy look to her that shows well in the photos. We got along well and the photos we were able to snap off in a short amount of time illustrates that. One funny incident had to do with Alexa posing on this massive metallic red bird statue. While she was posing looking beautiful, she glances over and sees me laying on the sidewalk and asks "What are you doing on the ground?" My response was "Getting awesome shots, you'll see." It ended up being one of my favorites from the set. Dont be afraid to "break the rules" of photography. The photo I'm referring to was shot from a floor level angle, making the statue and woman seem much larger than life. While this is a common method shooting men, it's not so common for women, as it can be unflattering depending on the subject. With that being said, it was exactly the look I wanted and I think it turned out great. Overall it was another fun shoot and I'm excited to work with Alexa some more. Stay tuned

All photos on this post taken with a Nikon Nikkor 50mm F/1.4D lens mounted on a Canon T2i body

B&W is my personal favorite

1/60s,  F/2.0,  ISO 1600
Introducing Alexa
1/60,  F/2.0,  ISO 1600

Walking away

1/60s,  F/2.0,  ISO 3200

Piercing stare

1/60s,  F/2.0,  ISO 3200

1/40s,  F/2.4,  ISO 3200

1/40s,  F/2.0,  ISO 3200


1/30s,  F/1.4,  ISO 3200

1/60s,  F/2.4,  ISO 3200

Natural smile

1/60s,  F/2.4,  ISO 3200

Last photo of the night and I loved it

Clear Winner


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