Monday, May 13, 2013

Late Night Lights

If you're familiar with my work you know I enjoy shooting in difficult conditions. Not only is it challenging but it leaves with you no choice but to improve. This past Thursday I was lucky enough to work with Lola again. Our location of choice was downtown Tucson, AZ. It's a place that I have become extremely familiar with over the past 13 years of adventures in the area. Having talked a bit before hand we had decided to first go with a more dreamy high key style (generally more lighter areas in the photo than dark areas) of portraits, followed by a more dramatic low key style (more dark areas than light areas). There is something to be said about finding that right balance between the two. Knowing this look would be pulled off best at night, we started late. I'm personally a big fan of a low key style as I'm more inspired by dramatic cinema. They say the photos you take are not only your subject(s) but also a reflection of yourself. Think about that the next time you're using your iPhone camera or are out shooting a DSLR. The photos you take say just as much about the subject as they do yourself, so what are you trying to tell me? Show me something I haven't seen before, and if I have seen it, show me in a way I haven't. I'm not saying my photos are great, but i'm really trying to be more conscious of what i'm doing and how I want it to look. I must say the shoot went really well, and I definitely feel privileged to be doing what I love. Until next time, au revoir.

All photos on this post taken with a Nikon Nikkor 50mm F/1.4D mounted on a Canon T2i body

Inside TCC

1/50s,  F/2.2,  ISO 1600

1/50s,  F/2.8,  ISO 1600 
1/50s,  F/2.8,  ISO 1600

Sometimes the first photo of the shoot you take ends up being a clear winner. Be confident in yourself

1/50s,  F/2.4,  ISO 1600

Personal Favorite

1/30s,  F/2.2,  ISO 3200

Life on Mars?

1/30s,  F/2.0,  ISO 3200

Still Searching?

This photo was created when I knew the car coming down the street would create a nice rim light on Lola.  This was not a planned photo, be prepared and observant, you may miss a great shot otherwise.

1/30s,  F/1.8,  ISO 3200

Be afraid, very afraid

1/30s,  F/2.2,  ISO 3200

For this photo Lola was spinning and I feel this shot of that motion captures her elegance really well

1/80s,  F/2.0,  ISO 3200



  1. You have a way of making me look so natural. Thank you. You are so talented.

    ~Lola Mae

  2. You have a way of inspiring me while we shoot. I get this rush and I can't help but try and capture your very best