Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Open Your Eyes

Friday evening I had pleasure of working with the lovely Lola. This shoot was going to be a challenging shoot from the original idea. I wanted to shoot with Lola in a wash I've recently discovered that is covered in awesome art, and do it all at night. This art i'm referring to is often called graffiti. You can feel however you want about it, but for me, I get it. I get the idea of creating something beautiful from nothing, because let me tell you something. There is some pretty amazing work out there, you just have to keep your eyes and mind open. Considering it was night time, I would need at least one light source. I wanted a directional and dramatic lighting setup for this shoot. I used my streamlight flashlight with a piece of 8x11 paper wrapped around it in a cone shape. During a few photos I even used my iphone camera light to illuminate the background and lower sections. I work in a very unorthodox manner at times and I'm curious to see the results I can achieve. This type of shoot was a bit different in many ways considering it's a combination of many styles. We even managed to get in some light painting shots, which is always fun. Overall it was a great shoot and we were really happy with the end product.

All photos on this post taken with a Nikon Nikkor 50mm F/1.4D mounted on a Canon T2i body

Often your first shot of the session is a clear winner

1/50s,  F/2.4,  ISO 1600

1/60s,  F/2.4,  ISO 1600

1/50s,  F/2.8,  ISO 1600

1/50s,  F/2.4,  ISO 1600

1/40s,  F/2.0,  ISO 3200

Lola shows off her skills

1/30s,  F/1.8,  ISO 3200

RC likabauss

1/30s,  F/2.0,  ISO 3200

1/60s,  F/2.0,  ISO 3200

Le Chao gets down

Photo by: Lola Mae

30s,  F/8,  ISO 100

Flash light used as light douce


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