Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Terrible Reminder

As I sit here and write this it's still hard to comprehend what happened yesterday in Boston. Considering I live literally thousands of miles from that incident it doesn't directly affect me, but I can't help but feel for these people. The Boston Marathon is an event for charity. These past two years I have personally done three races for charity and I can't help but think if I was in the victim's position. It's incredibly sad and my heart goes out to those involved. I can't even imagine the pain and sorrow that follows. It's led me to not only think about the loved ones in my life, but to also help me remember to cherish every single day, because you truly do not know when it's going to be your last. If you died yesterday would you be happy with the life you lived and what you left behind? If the answer is no then maybe you should enjoy it while you can. I do appreciate everyone who supports me in what I do and what I'm trying to achieve. Thank you for everything. I would be nothing without you. I love you all. Until next time. Be safe out there

Sending some love to those affected

Both photos light painted with a bic lighter.
24mm,  30 sec,  F/10,  ISO 100

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