Monday, April 8, 2013

1 v 2

This past weekend was definitely a good one. I got quite a few shots in and celebrated with some awesome friends. Saturday I did a maternity shoot with for a couple i'm friends with. I ended staying after our shoot and relaxing in the nature area. I actually took alot of video from while i was there, which my next post will be about. Speaking of video, it's something I have been doing alot more of recently since upgrading my computer to a MacBook Pro Retina. I'm really excited to add this element to my blog and work flow in general. Sunday I was able to get together some of my good friends do a shoot. The idea was simple, go to these pecan fields south of Tucson and shoot some photos of my friends fighting with swords. We arrived kinda late but I was really happy with the photos I was able to get. Hope you guys like the photos. Oh and there is definitely something to be said about unpublic support. You guys rock. Until next time, konnichiwa bitches :)

The path of the Number 1 is a righteous one 
A challenger appears

So it begins

Stand off

Power struggle

Killer Blow


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