Friday, April 5, 2013


It's friday and that only means one thing. The weekend is here and its time to do some shooting. I've been all over the place these past week and it feels good to post again. Aside from alot of personal shooting, I have been working with "YourPinUps" taking photos. As some of you may or may not know I recently acquired a pair of Photoflex StarFlash 650w flash strobes. Essentially they are heavy duty use flash units used heavily in studio photography for their robust build quality and long lasting operation. I'll be the first to admit I am relatively new to the off camera flash world especially these style of flash units. I had ordered two stands, two umbrellas, two reflectors, and a wireless transmitter/receivers unit to trigger the flash units wirelessly. After a mix up where my transmitter/receivers did not arrive with the rest of my order I had to wait for their arrival. I've since had a night to mess around and play with the flash units. They are and very controllable regarding the light output and operation. I'm currently looking into different style soft boxes and light modifiers like an octodome to shape the light differently. Overall I was extremely pleased with the operation and total creative control the lamps/modifiers have over the lighting. I still have alot to learn but its exciting to know I have these bad boys to help me out along the way. The photos in this post go back about two weeks to present considering its been awhile since I've posted. Hope you all have a great weekend. Stay safe and stay shooting
They arrive

Mounted on the stands

Umbrellas attached

Back of the flash unit with umbrella mounted

Wireless receiver mounted to the strobe unit

Wireless transmitter mounted to hot shoe of camera

iPhone 5 shot while on my bike ride

I had the chance to work with my friend Nica while she was in town

Self portrait using a two light setup. One light directly behind me with 6 inch reflector mounted. One light to my right at 45 degree angle one foot above my head angled down with umbrella mounted.

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