Friday, February 1, 2013

City of Angels Vol. 1

As my trip is over and the dust has settled, I must say I had a fantastic time in California. I saw family, friends, and fun things to photograph. Upon our arrival Friday afternoon I decided to relax a bit after the long drive. Come night time and my friends are calling me to meet and catch up like old times. First up was a stop at a place I like to call Japanese Costco. The store is Mitsuwa and it's a pretty big place that has everything from groceries, alcohol, bakery, magazines, make up and restaurants. It's certainly a huge change in culture from southwest Arizona as I was one of the only non Asian in there. Not to be derailed from my hopes of getting great photos I set out about the store looking for interesting things to shoot. After we left Mitsuwa we all decided to go grab a bite to eat at a restaurant called CocoIchibanya. Their specialty is curry in all forms available including plain hahah. I settled on a slice of cheesecake and decided to try a drink new to me called Calpico. It's a non carbonated Japanese soda that's kinda white but pretty damn good. The souf bay crew as I like to call us, then headed to a local spot in Torrance for some delicious boba drinks. I opted for a milk tea smoothie with boba which was really good. The crew proceeded to catch up for awhile and it was nice to see a good chunk of my souf bay friends again. After we finished our drinks it was pretty late and everyone decided to pack it in. My first night in California was good and I was happy with the photos I was able to capture. I feel they certainly have a different feel to them due to the location. I hope you enjoyed them and expect my next post about day 2 in California. Until next time.

Daisy. My dog Lucy's mom

J mags

Lester and Kent. Line Bros

I'm pretty sure that's an evil eye

I liked the well lit background of drinks with his dark clothes creating a good contrast

Hello Kitty alcohol

Safety first

One of my personal faves from the whole trip

All anime movies

work work work

J snacks

Delicious cheesecake

Shot this from a moving truck at night. Not bad

At the boba place

Candid inside boba shop

Dude outside boba shop. Looks like hes from an anime

The Souf Bay crew

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