Sunday, February 24, 2013

Adrenaline rush

Earlier this week I set out with my friend Rose to take some portraits in an interesting location. The one thing I really enjoy about shooting on location is the one thing most studio photographers hate, unpredictability. Studio work is all about a controlled environment, and with that controlled environment comes comfort. Most studio shots are in a decent room with climate control and all the privacy you could ask for. You can change background and lighting angles at free will without interruption. Working on location is quite a bit different. There are multiple factors to take into account. What angle is the sun at? Is there any sunlight at all? Are there people watching you work? Are you trespassing or breaking the law? Will the model possibly fall off the bridge shes posing on and tumble to her death? You get the idea. As a result of shooting on location, we had the treat of getting a shot with Rose standing on the train tracks while the moving train is speeding right for her. Her face is priceless and she was pretty scared but it was surely worth it. The build up to that particular photo was interesting in that we were actually standing at the upper section of the train tracks. We saw the lower train coming along and decided it might be our best chance to get said photo. Being at the upper section we had to run down the hill and down a rocky dirty road just to make it in time to set up for the photo. I think it came off cool and we both enjoyed the photos taken that day. Last night I worked my cousin's quinceanera down in Nogales, AZ. Expect my next post to about that. Until next time, have a good weekend and stay shooting.

Under the tracks

Le train


Cross Process



  1. Sometims, you gotta take those chances to get rad shots. I'd say, that train picture was a trip. Good thing Rose didn't. Get it? hahaha But on the real, I do appreciate spontaneous approach for this shoot. Keeps everybody on their... toes. Especially when a train is coming for you. lol

  2. Hahah yeah man for sure. We had a really good time on that shoot. It's a really cool place here in Southern Arizona