Monday, June 13, 2011


Hello to my loyal followers out there. I am quite excited as tonight i may be aquiring some very intriguing items related to developing my skills. Gonna go for a ride tonight since i got a new tire and tube. Friday night was supposed to start off with a ride to downtown. I got about 3 miles before i heard this clank clank clank noise. I dismounted my bike and decieded to take a look at my rear tire. Upon inspection i found a massive nail that had punctured both my tube and tire. The nail had gone straight through both sidewalls of my tire! The whole situation wasent so bad though as i simply called my brother to come pick me up. While i was at the bike shop i also picked up a sweet little L.E.D light for the rear. Saturday i Picked up some items for the new house ill be moving into. Had a great date night with my lovely girl saturday evening. Got some shots on sunday and discussed some items with the new landlord. Overall it was a very nice weekend without any stress. My kind of weekend if you ask me.

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