Friday, June 10, 2011

Police And The Private

Usually i am a bit rushed to complete some of posts as they're done at work. It is quite slow today so i have some time put some more effort into said post. I apologize to the people who have been reading my blog. My grammar and punctuation in previous posts have been really bad. Thank you for putting up with it. It is Friday and generally everyone is excited about not working for at least two days, myself included. I have some plans but nothing that I shouldn't be able to handle. I've been doing a bit more editing recently and although i still need to hone in my skills, some of photos have turned out well. Light painting has been my most recent projects. I'm still experimenting with certain settings ( iso and aperture mostly ) to achieve desirable shots. I plan on at least going out and getting some long exposures of some busy areas this weekend. If any of you have some suggestions for something you'd like to see leave a comment or drop me a line on facebook. Thanks for stopping by

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