Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Comfort Zone

If I haven't said it enough, staying interested in your own photography is so vital, it's often understated. I love shooting new things so much I will often get out of my comfort zone just to find them. There are times when these things find you instead. An interesting aspect I'm dealing with is the amount of work coming in, that is seeking me out. This can only mean one thing, I'm doing something right. There was a comment made during this shoot that put quite a bit into perspective for me. I love what I do and I always strive to do the best I can. There is a theory that if you're not moving forward, you're going backwards. I like that alot, I will continue to push forward and challenge myself, not only a photographer, but as an artist. Sunday night I had the opportunity to photograph a custom built motorcycle from Karns Kustoms that is going to be for sale. It's a badass looking green, black, and chrome bike. All sorts of lovely metal bits come together to make this head turner really stand out. Everything is top notch from the paint right down to the custom pin stripping on various parts. I have never shot a motorcycle before so it was a little different finding the right angles. After a bit I got into my groove and we were rockin. When you have the chance to show off something of this detail, effort, time, and money, you do not want to disappoint. Knowing it would be later in the evening, and that I wanted total control of the lighting. I opted to bring both of my Photoflex Starflash 650w strobe units. Two weeks ago I picked up a shoot through softbox type umbrella. Having used it for my recent portrait session with Leila, I was incredibly happy with the results for the price. I brought that umbrella along knowing it would provide nice and soft lighting for the shiny parts of the bike. I was really impressed with the build quality of this motorcycle. Overall I think the photos show the bike well, and I had a good time shooting this beast. Stay tuned for more posts soon

Say hello to "Black Irish"

Doing test shots

What a beauty

Suicide Shifter


Chain Driven

Wrapped Exhaust Headers

Pin striping

Lighting setup for the photo of the seat below
1/160s,  F/8,  ISO 100

Engine Close Up

Front Wheel

Rear Wheel

Personal Favorite

The composition, lighting, detail and deep depth of field make this a clear winner

1/200s,  F/8,  ISO 100

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