Friday, July 12, 2013

Hot Like An Oven

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to rent out some studio space. Knowing I'd have the space for a few hours, I talked to some friends about shooting with them. Before I start talking about the day I would first like to thank Jenn Longeron for allowing me to work in her studio. Also, I'd like to say a big big thanks to the models, and to those who helped me throughout the day. Ever since I left JC Penny (I worked shooting portraits at their studio) and started doing my own portraits, most of them have been on location. After purchasing my Photoflex strobes, getting back into the studio is something I've really been wanting to do lately. There was different styles I was interested in shooting before I even got to the studio: Fashion, edgy, and life style.  There is a large white backdrop at the studio so I opted to shoot on that. The large white back drop would be perfect for two of the mentioned styles. The other one I opted to shoot in this rustic elevator shaft within the studio. Space was fairly limited within the shaft and it was super dark, which I thought added to the feel. Wanting different ways to shape the light from my strobes led me to doing some research and networking. Currently only owning relfectjve umbrellas, I thought I needed some different light modifiers. After talking with fellow shooter Larry Guarno, the idea was born to create some custom soft boxes using PVC piping and white fabric. Big thanks to Larry, because I felt that even though this was my first attempt with the custom soft boxes, they worked really well. Although with that being said, I know very well where I made mistakes and am currently working on version 2.0 to combat the excessive light spill (my main issue) and a few other things. Why am I doing this you ask? Simple, money, I work with what I have and strive for great results in doing so. The future will bring Photoflex light modifiers but for now this is a very cheap alternative, which when used properly, can yield impressive results. One of the best parts of photography is the learning process. You're bound to make mistakes and mess things up every now and then. It's all about how you learn and evolve from those mistakes, which will translate through to your photos. Oh, and don't forget to dance, joke, laugh and sing, photography should be fun. Overall, I had a really good time shooting with some amazing models. Big thanks again to Lola, Leila, Adrianna, Jenn Longeran, Larry Guarno, Nick Ybarra, Rachell Norris, and eveyone who helped out with this shoot in any way. You are all amazing. Thanks for stopping by. Until next time

All photos on this post taken with a Canon 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6 lens and Nikon Nikkor 50mm F/1.4D lens mounted on a Canon T2i body

Shooting on the white back drop, doing test shots to determine proper exposure


Secret Agent Woman

Test shots, changed right side to umbrella for added contrast, changed left side to the larger modifier for full length portrait below


Even though this was our first time working together, I felt we able to get some good shots.

Variation of the clamshell setup. Everyone helped me out, which was awesome


Making it rain

Bang, you're dead

Aside from the obvious end photo, This photo is a personal favorite for many reasons. It is a clear winner with striking eye contact

Foxy trio
The elevator shaft was a welcomed change of background within the same studio. 

Drama? Check

I personally prefer b&w portraits

Adrianna was very easy to work with

The girls wanted a silly photo, how could I resist?
These next shots were lit with a 65 inch Umbrella to camera right, 72 inch modifier  to camera left

Sliding around in her socks created this movement, which was awesome

Could putting your socks on be any more elegant? I think not

Clear Winner

I hate to say goodbye, but I love to watch you go

50mm,  1/200,  F/8.0,  ISO 100


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