Thursday, August 1, 2013

Talent Show

Recently I had the opportunity to work with an incredible artist who really impressed me. I'm of course talking about Rebecca Saul. We spent some time together on Saturday working on portraits. There was to be two locations for these photos. First up would be the ever lovely Mt.Lemmon. Second, the notorious place sprinkled with various affections, Gates Pass. I say that because Gates Pass is one of those special places due to past events (bicycle crash, amazing sunsets, previous shoots) so you get the idea. During my day working with Rebecca is very clear she is quite the talented artist. Our first look would involve her playing the viola on Mt. Lemmon near the top, it's quite green and full of foliage so I thought it would serves as a nice location. It was during this time I first heard the magical tone ringing from the gorgeous viola. The acoustics in the valley we were shooting at, were absolutely ringing upon the bow contacting the strings. Rebecca is a professional musician, and it clearly shows when she plays. Our shoot that day was not restricted to only one medium, but two. Talking before the shoot, Rebecca had procedded to inform me she is what they call a "Hooper". While looking at the act you may just say, it's basically doing stunts and tricks with a hoola hoop. Wrong, this is an act of movement, and like any act of movement, it's all about style. When I think of dancing, skateboarding, soccer, or any act of movement, everyone does it differently and that what makes it awesome. Something that can be so simple yet extremely difficult done in a way that shows who you are. I gave a decent shot at hooping myself and it's actually pretty damn hard. Considering the hoops have lights built into them, an idea before the shoot was to do some long exposure photos at night. This type of photography was something I used to do ALOT when I first started shooting film slr. It was nice to do some light painting again, I will make it a point to do more in the future. Some intense races in Wave Race: Blue Storm (which I did not win) would leave me black and blue when I concluded my time spent with Rebecca.  As I was driving home I couldn't help but think, wow what a great day of shooting. Photography has certainly had a huge impact on my life recently and I am so thankful for it. I have met so many great and talented people, I couldn't imagine not having days like that in my life. Big big thanks to Rebecca Saul for allowing me to work with her. If you follow my work please head on over to her various pages and show some here and here. I hope you enjoy photos as much as I did taking them. Until next time

Introducing Rebecca Saul

Round of applause for a very talented artist

Yelling at a mushroom

Gotta love the desert oasis that is Mt. Lemmon

Personal favorite

I am a sucker for b&w portraits

A little bit of attitude 

Clear Winner

Being able to listen to her play while I shot photos was an incredible experience

Gates Pass

Vast Desert

Jumping through the hoop

Saguaro Crown

A nice sunset was a fitting ending to a great day of shooting

Light Paint

'It looks like a light octopus"


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