Friday, April 25, 2014

To Be Continued Vol. 2

Last time I posted in this series (here), I had just acquired a new 50mm F/1.8 lens. This time around, I recently purchased the all new Photoflex 72 inch white umbrella. This won't be a review of that certain product, but I am currently working on that. Quite a bit has changed since that day on Mt. Lemmon and I couldn't be happier about it. Compared to September 2013, I have completely (for the most part) changed my approach to outdoor portraits. I used to wait for a cloudy day, shoot in the shadows, and purposely overexposed backgrounds for the sake of my subject being properly exposed. Now if there isn't any good light where I want to shoot, I bring it with me. Bringing light with you invariable has certain consequences like battery power, cables, stands, lights, and modifiers. While all of that gear may seem excessive, the results clearly speak for themselves. This time around the location would be a semi lit but overall dark parking garage. This time the story follows Vol. 1, Lolita is being taken out for the night after a day of swimming. She always gets what she wants, and has set her sights on the attention of a certain male. I pretty much never get involved in the modeling side of things because I'm usually the one shooting. This was a fun departure from that, being on both sides of the lens, similar to back in my excessive skateboarding days. Constantly filming, being filmed, and editing, it's all good fun. As I've stated in the past, working with other creatives is always such a good time. I think the end product justifies the effort put in by both parties. Overall it was great shoot and I was happy with the whole experience. Until next time

All images shot with a Canon T2i body and Canon 18-55mm, 50mm, and 70-200mm lenses.

The all new Photoflex 72 inch umbrella. Three Speedlite flash units fired simultaneously for maximum power output and faster recycling times. The 72 inch umbrella is an absolute monster, this setup rocks. Note the red gel applied to the speedlite used for rim light.
Pull up to the scene
I really like all the dynamics with this image. Clear Winner
How could I resist b&w with all those deep shadows
Red gel on a bare speedlite for the rim light, very happy with this photo.
Personal Favorite

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