Saturday, April 19, 2014

Real Deal

Mexico is the real deal. I had the opportunity to head down south to Puero Penasco, Sonora Mexico. Otherwise know as "Rocky Point". Upon crossing the border it's painfully obvious you are entering a third world country. Small shacks with wooden windows and tin roofs pose as houses. Most of the streets are dirt and trash is everywhere. The locals only need one look at my ass to realize I am clearly not from around here. It doesn't matter really, I am not one for hiding or running, not when street photos are on the line. After reaching our destination and checking into the hotel, it was time for dinner. After munching on delicious fish and shrimp tacos it was time to shoot the sunset over the ocean. I had traveled down with my friend Jack and he was ready to show me his property near the ocean. After driving well north of the main area of Rocky Point we arrived. Being so far out in the middle of nowhere truly has it's benefits yet drawbacks at the same time. No electricity, running water, or help when needed. The time of day meant it was low tide, the ocean had receded far out to bare the soft squishy silt. I decided I wanted to get in the water and experience this silt for myself. After what seemed like forever, I finally arrived at the water. It was warm, inviting, and most of all, soothing. I reveled in the lack of noise pollution and burned one down with the birds. Considering the last time I had been to Rocky Point was ten years ago, a lot has changed, and so have I, but some things stay the same. Talking with locals provided information revealing truly how many cartel members there are. Some things stay the same indeed. Overall I had a great time, took a lot of photos, experienced new things, and most importantly, made it back safely. Until next time

Ready to leave

Desert travels

International Border

Declare yo shit
Puerto Penasco
Hotel Posada La Roca


El Malecon

iPhone 5s pano

Long Exposure

18mm,  4 sec,  F/8.0,  ISO 100


Easy like sunday morning

LS2 powered Chevy truck


Local skaters

Pano Sunset


200mm,  1/4000th sec,  F/4.0,  ISO 100

Personal favorite

Going Green

Low Tide
Primo digging for clams

Birds and Silt
Le Chao

Poor Tortuga

Seashells as far as the eye can see

Street Performers

View from the Beach Bum Bar looking over the ocean and El Malecon


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