Thursday, June 6, 2013

Low Key

Last week on friday, I had the opportunity to attend an astrophotography exhibit at a local coffee shop. The photographer displaying his work is Sean Parker. I must say it was quite impressive and in the future, ill try my hand at such exploits. After having met Mr. Parker and talking for sometime, he ended up being a really laid back guy. Check out his work Here if you haven't already. After the exhibit I was feeling a bit inspired to get on my own grind. Naturally, I headed to my second home, downtown Tucson, AZ. Armed with my trusty 50mm F/1.4, I began wandering, looking for interesting subjects. In my last post I discussed the terms, high key and low key. Since I was out at night, I generally prefer a darker, more dramatic low key look to my street photos (more dark areas than light areas). You never know what you're going to encounter out here and one must always be ready, unless you like missing those decisive moments, but that's up to you. If you somehow found your way here in a manner other than Facebook, then you may not know I will be hosting my first  street photography workshop. This is an exciting thing for me, I have been wanting to do this for some time now. Helping people with their own photography is something I feel like I should be able to do, if I ever wish to master photography (which I do). With that being said, I really hope to see some of you out there at the workshop and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Here is a link to the event page on Facebook. If you decide to attend please inform me somehow, so I can have an idea of the number of people to work with. Also, if you  come to the workshop, please please please bring a camera, don't miss out because you think your camera isn't good enough. Until next time

All photos on this post taken with a Nikon Nikkor 50mm F/1.4D mounted on a Canon T2i body

All shots set to 1/60s,  ISO 3200, with varying apertures between F/2.0 and F/8.0

Bang performing at Junxion

Right after I took this, they approached me and asked if I knew of any 18 and under night clubs. Sorry bro

To get this depth of field at night. Had to use 1/30s,  F/8.0,  ISO 3200 with dodging and burning in photoshop

When you include the face and eyes in a street photo, its instantly more powerful than if he had been looking the other direction and all you see is the back of his head. This is a fundamental human element as we all relate to faces/eyes

Same dude

Third wheel goes home alone

As I got closer physically (didn't bring a telephoto) the cops told me to leave


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