Thursday, October 20, 2011

iCycle. October 16th

I feel bad about being away from my blog for so long. Its become something that I truly have to find time for. Also I had some troubles coming  up with content for this blog. I've been working alot on my facebook page Ricardo Chao Photography . With that being said I have found something I decided to dedicate specifically to my blog. I shall call it "iCycle". It will be a documentation of my cycling adventures, most notably, my preparation and training for the upcoming El Tour De Tucson. The content will feature my riding routes and the things I encounter along the way including photos. This past weekend was a very fun ride. I started at my house near Broadway/Swan area. Continues south to the aviation bike trail until I reached downtown. From downtown I headed west on 6th avenue to silverbell road. At this point I realized my front tire was completely  flat. With the help of google I found the nearest bike shop to be JJ's Bicycles. With a new tube I hit the road again.  Followed silverbell to speedway. As I traveled west bound I came upon the front side of gates pass. I somewhat underestimated the intensity of the front side given my experiences with the ultra gruelling back side. After riding through gates pass I headed south on kinney road until bopp. From there i made a stop at my girlfriend's house and had a good rest. The ride back home was much easier following ajo way east until I reached my home area. The entire ride totalled out to 55 miles. All in all it was a very good ride and excellent preparation with the hills. Until next time, enjoy the photos I took along the way. 
So thirsty though

The beginning of Aviation bike trail

Leaving town

Some heavy duty theft protection, also where I got a new tube.

She fits right in...kinda

Beginning of the front side of gates pass

Bring it on baby

There's a feeling I get when I look to the west.

Front side of gate's pass

Back side of gate's pass

Back side

I-19 South to Mexico

Almost home kino/aviation

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