Thursday, October 29, 2015

Desert Fox

Mt. Lemmon is definitely one of my favorite places to shoot. It's no coincidence that I keep coming back for the different backdrops provided by the mountain. I felt like this whole shoot with Kali Faith deserved a dedicated blog post. The images are really quite expressive and full of emotion. This combination of beautiful landscapes, hard lighting, and expressive art is something I feel is quite powerful. During this past week for TFW I had many conversations with various artists. One of the topics often discussed was how to share your art. My side mostly hinged on fine art as physical art, and if you are going to share them online, do it properly. Share those images in a way that does justice to the art. Which brings me right here, because I always felt my blog was a special place I could share images. A place I could not only express in writing how I felt about the images, but how they were created on so forth. Ultimately, its my favorite place to display the best work that you can only see here. If you happen to read this, look at these images and let know how they made you feel. Until next time


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