Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Canon 6D Review

This is a post I have been really excited about completing. I say this because I've just really taken off with my latest camera. A new camera won't make you a better photographer, but once you've reach the limits of your existing body, it's a nice jump in performance. Since acquiring my Canon 6D I feel like I've really been able to push myself creatively and technically, considering the high performance of full frame sensors. This thing has allowed me to shoot natural light portraits in places that would have been much more difficult to achieve. One aspect you notice right away when switching to full frame, is the optical performance of your good glass. The view finder is much brighter and images really have incredible detail, color, and contrast when paired with quality optics. The dynamic range has to be my favorite feature. It has literally allowed me to shoot on location without flash, and still pull plenty of detail from the shadows. This is really really important for the way I shoot natural light. That in itself is worth it considering the results. A lot has been written about this camera so I won't bore you with spec and charts. It really is a great camera and ill let the images do the talking. Until next time

All images taken with Canon 6D and 50mm F/1.8 , 70-200mm F/4L

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