Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Catching Up

It's the middle of May and I haven't posted to the blog in about three months, why? Tons of shooting, planning, and physical art taking place. At the end of March I was hired to help bring to life a vision of an artist. The concept was a fantasy tea party held at the Casa Grand Domes. My next blog post will be entirely dedicated to that shoot. As for the project, I'm always up for a challenge and I figured this would be a perfect chance to test out a camera I had my eye on, the Canon 5D Mark III. My friend Matt (@cassiwolf) was kind enough to let me borrow his 5D3 and the Canon 16-35mm F/2.8L II lens. A beastly combo to say the least, coupled with my 50mm F/1.8 and 70-200mm F/4L, I was in photo dream land. Aside from the domes project, I was able to do a handful of shoots with the 5D3. After a week of using it, I was definitely impressed with the overall performance across the board. Crazy fast autofocus? Yup, Insanely high ISO performance? Got it, Crisp image detail beyond 300% zoom? Definitely. All of that testing was great because it opened up my eyes and allowed me to push myself. I had been shooing with my trusty Canon T2i for over 3 years now, way more than your average rebel user, it's safe to say I reached the limit of that setup. Which brings me to my next bit of info, I am now rocking a Canon 6D and a future post will all be about that. In April, I had my very first Art Show/Gallery. It was a great turn out with 40+ people and I sold 11 pieces of art, success! With more shoots, comes more planning and concept creating. This actually happens to be one of the hardest parts of being an artist, how to consistently stay creatively fresh. Currently, I am working on multiple projects and will be showing the images I feel are the best from those in future posts. At the end of the month will be a big project with multiple models I had in mind for some time now, a Vintage Fashion Shoot in Bisbee, AZ. Until next time, here's what I have been doing the last three months. Enjoy

Yoga Series With Elizabeth Ashton Brewer

Alexandra Yonk




Morning Light



Hillary shot with 5D3

Traditional Hindi Wedding


Wedding Shilouette at Club Congress

Vanessa at Starr Pass with 5D3

Le Bar

Stephanie at home studio with 5D3


Sports Series: Soccer

Alex Yonk at Cienega Creek

 Fair Shoot @Sin of Vanity

Bokeh Wheel

Shonda Mackey in PHX

Towel Series inspired by Mario Testino

@grannyfierce x @chaophoto

One light setup: 48" Octodome from camera right


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