Monday, March 18, 2013

Valley Of The Sun

How one quantifies a "good trip" depends on who you ask. This past weekend I went north again, but only to Phoenix, AZ. My objective for the trip was simple. Go see one of the best live bands in modern times. While seeing Muse play live is nothing new to me, (this was my 7th time), exploring a large city like downtown Phoenix with my camera, is entirely refreshing. My secondary objective, submerge myself into the actions and happenings of the 6th largest city in the USA, was successful. Having arrived hours before the show I was afforded some exploring time. I was mostly in the area surrounding the US Airways Center as that's where the show was to be played. There was an interesting dynamic to the attitudes of the big city people roaming the streets. Some people would gladly smile and wave as you took their photo, while a few others looked like they wanted to take my head off with a sword. As the sun set and the streets light illuminated it was time to see the show. I'm still amazed at the live show Muse is able to put on even ten years after first seeing them as a teenager. Overall the trip had everything I could have asked for: good friends, good music, and good photos. As usual, have fun and live your life. Thanks for stopping by
Car accident on the side of the i10 freeway

Same vehicle. Cop is talking to dude

Also involved in the accident

I arrive

Thing thing is huge

Multi tasking

He looked tired

Strong second favorite

Taking a break

The red jumped out to me.

Performing for some people at the bar

Serious business

Eyepatch = ?

Personal favorite from the trip


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