Friday, March 15, 2013

Nasty North

If there is one thing that is for certain when you set out for a weekend of shooting. Its that you're gonna encounter problems. How big these problems are is always changing. This past weekend I decided to head into northern Arizona to take advantage of the extreme weather conditions for landscape shooting. What greeted us upon arrival to Flagstaff, AZ was way more snow than I could have imagined. So much snow had fallen that the I17 freeway was closed and we were stuck in Flagstaff. Not to be outdone by the conditions, Jordan and I set out to take some photos of this new white world we found ourselves in. Saturday was a much more calming day because the freeway was now open and we could travel back to our original hotel. After relaxing a bit we headed out to do some exploring and play in the snow. After searching for some time we found a perfect covered area for us to hang out and build a snowman. Hours had passed by and we finally finished our massive snowman. Standing roughly 9 feet tall this snowman was an absolute beast. The next day we returned to the site of the snowman to find it still intact and incredibly solid. Jordan decided he wanted to not only climb the snowman but stand on its head. I stood by watching nervously as Jordan climbed the snowman and poses for his photo at the top. On the way home Sunday, we thought it would be nice to stop in Sedona and have lunch. Heading back I pulled over at few scenic views for photo ops and to stretch the legs. Overall, despite the terrible conditions on friday, I had a really amazing time for my birthday. I think the photos proved worth the trouble. This weekend I am headed up north again but this time to Phoenix. I am going to see Muse live again at US Airways arena. I'll be leaving earlier in the day so I can explore downtown Phoenix and do some street shooting. Until next time

Photo credit to Jordan Estabrook for a lot of these photos. I was mostly shooting film


Winter Wonderland

I17 covered in snow and ice

Le Benz

Flagstaff sunset

The view from the balcony at our hotel in Flagstaff

Mini plow

Le Chao enjoying the snow


Super stuck

Huge plow

Only the beginning

Keeping us warm

Oil drop

Light painted snowman

Jordan standing proud

Sedona, AZ

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