Friday, January 11, 2013

Strong start

As I look forward to some big changes this year, I decided to get in some productive photo time during my long weekend. First up was a nice shoot with my friend Rose. We've been working together quite a bit recently and it's always a good time shooting with her. She definitely has an aura about her that I feel shows in the photos. Lately I've been watching a whole mess of digital rev tv videos and have been quite impressed with Mr. Kai Wong's street photography. While I knew about the street style in the past I had never really given it a chance myself. Shortly after being thrown straight into the deep end of downtown Tucson, I realized street photos are a rush. This is a big departure from a posed shoot your model session I did on Friday. Everything changes so fast and is happening without your control. If there is one thing that really bugs me is missing that moment, so you truly have to be on your toes with camera ready. I hope the people who read this can enjoy the photos and give some feedback about how they feel. If you think they suck, tell me, I wanna know. Until next time

Le Rose

I personally favor B&W portraits

Just to show you I don't have a thing against color