Saturday, December 27, 2014

Savage Black Seamless Paper Review

When I first received the black seamless paper from Savage as a present, I was really excited about shooting on it. Considering I had been shooting on white seamless for a bit, it was nice to not only switch it up, but give me more flexibility. There is simpy something about shooting on a dark background that when used properly, can highlight your subject very nicely.  The other side of that flexibility is being able to illuminate the background in a subtle manner. When shooting on white paper, light bounces EVERYWHERE unless it's not falling on the background. This can be troubling if you're going for a low key look in a tight space. Unless you're new to light and its properties, black absorbs light to an extent and this allows for some creative uses. I've actually shot on it quite a bit since acquiring and I must say I enjoy it thoroughly. My biggest observation came in the form of the actual thickness of the paper. The pure white paper from savage is very rigid and stuff compared to the black seamless. The black seamless is more flexible and seems to be softer like construction paper,  this allows the paper to flex during setup. This is an issue when it comes to defects in the paper showing up behind the subject, you are shooting on seamless paper for a clean look after all. Overall, I'm really impressed with the versatility shooting on this background. The option to go for a super dark dramatic look with a deep black background, or throw some light on it for a light grey color, its all up to you. Let me know what you think of the following images, until next time

All images in post shot with Canon T2i and 18-55mm, 50mm, and 70-200mm lenses

Gold Shoot


50mm, 1/200s,  F/14,  ISO 100

John x Hillary

Silver Shoot

Kali x Courtney

Lighting Setup - Before - After



30mm, 1/60s,  F/13,  ISO 100


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