Monday, September 29, 2014

Savage Pure White Seamless Paper Review

Since moving to my new place I've had the luxury of having a dedicated studio space. Due to having the space, I decided to pick up a large backdrop setup including stands and seamless paper. The stands and cross bar were purchased on Amazon relatively inexpensive on sale for $60. I knew I wanted a white seamless paper for my first backdrop due to its versatility.  After doing some research I opted for the Savage Pure White Seamless Paper. Priced at $65 from Amazon it was a good deal considering its huge 107"x36' dimensions. One thing I will say upon arrival, this thing is massive and  will likely require some help setting this bad boy up. Once you slip the roll onto the crossbar, simply adjust the stands to your desired height. My main purpose for buying such a large backdrop came down to a few reasons. I have a lot of space, high ceilings, and enjoy shooting full length portraits with the ability to pull back the perspective a bit. Viewing work from shooters such as Gregorio, Van Styles, Ohrangutang, Max Thompson, and Larsen Sotelo has encouraged me to push my own limits and comfort zone to get different photos. While a white backdrop may seem boring and plain to some, with various lighting methods and beautiful people to work with, sometimes thats all you need. Overall I'm very satisfied with my decision to invest in such a setup. The quality of the savage seamless paper is excellent and arrived in a timely manner. At this point I'm simply enjoying shooting on it and exploring the possibilities such a blank canvas allows. Until next time

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