Tuesday, December 3, 2013

El Tour de Tucson 2013

November 23rd 2013, this was a day filled with mixed emotions for myself. I woke up at 6:00am to get ready for El Tour de Tucson, which is a 111 mile perimeter bike race around the city of Tucson. This year would be very different from the past two, as I would not be participating in the race itself. Due to various reasons I decided not to race, this year I would choose to photograph the event instead. Heading to the intersection of 22nd street and 6th ave, I began to feel bad that I would not be involved. It was when I stepped out of my vehicle into the absolutely pouring raining and chilling 40 degree wind that it hit me. The day would be miserable for all those racing, and I felt I should be suffering along with them. In the months leading up to El Tour I had only focused on my travels and photography, leaving very little room for training. This is a decision I regret very much and I have made it a personal mission to come back stronger for next year's races, including El Tour. Photographing the event can be quite difficult due to various traffic delays, police activity, and reroutes. The heavy rain fall and excessive wind did nothing to help the cause. I can honestly say I felt the pain of my good friend Jeff as he crossed the finish line. Jeff is a hell of a man and true cyclist for his actions that day. Congratulations my friend, I'll be joining you in the glory of a cold November day a year from now. Until next time

Police escort to start the race

Platinum riders, very front of the pack

Despite the horrible weather a large number of cyclists turned out

First turn of the race, 22nd St and 6th Ave

Police look on

Rain or Shine

Tucson always comes out and supports the riders on the big day

Pack of riders after 1/3 of the race

I don't forget faces, this woman and I rode together all day and had a sprint finish to the end last year. I edged her out by one bike length, until next year

Dude was still pumped

I'm sure she wished for sunny weather and palm trees but still had a smile

Rolling shot with a slower shutter speed

1/100s,  F/8.0,  ISO 200

Police directing riders and traffic
Finish line 

Group of very tired riders as they come on home

Mavic showed up with some badass wheels on display

Marking the riders based on their finishing time

Nice Orbea frame

These sit down bikes are crazy, dude finished in a great time also

Finally done

Anything under 6 hours is a fast time

Some needed a bit more help than others

That feeling of accomplishment

Jeff crossing the finish line

Congratulations my friend, you did great

Personal favorite

Sums up the entire day nicely

1/500s,  F/4.0,  ISO 800


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