Friday, September 7, 2012

Keep up the pace devil dale

Its friday and I'm really excited for the weekend as it holds much activity. Saturday morning I will be entering my first criterium race. Its basically a lap race with a set finish time and whoever finishes first wins. I have high expectations for Jeff and myself. As I said in my last post my Cannondale took a pretty serious beating from the accident. After some time and sweat shes officially back on the road. Here are some photos of the repairs along the way. So the legend of the devil dale begins. In spirit of the race tomorrow i'll leave you with a link to a song for the 2012 Olympics by muse. . "It's a race, and im gonna win whatever it takes. You won't pull ahead cause i'll keep up the pace"

You gotta have the shoes to do the dance

Front wheel. Rigida from france

New rear wheel with hub

Devil dale in for repairs

Shimano cassette

Rear wheel for Quintana Roo. 650c wheel with frankenstein cassette. Half hyper glide half dura ace.

Comparing the size of cassettes. Left is 9 speed Dura Ace. Right is 7 speed Hyper Glide

7 speed hyper glide cassette installed on rear wheel

Bent rear wheel from accident

Special tools purchased for cassette/freewheel removal

Rear wheel dissassembled old parts not needed

Thanks to a new gearing setup she can climb with the best of them.  Sabino Mt. Hill

Top of Snyder Hill.

Looking through the aero bars at the descent

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