Monday, January 23, 2012

Manipulate The Light

As an aspiring professional photographer I'm always trying to better myself and my work. One common way to achieve these goals is by doing research, experimenting, and learning. As I stated in my last post I review alot of other people's work for this reason. On Friday I met a gentleman who happened to be a seasoned professional from the Washington D.C. area recently moved to Arizona. My reason for meeting the man was simple, to buy a lens for my D80. Upon speaking with Frank we started to talk alot about technique. Our main topic was light and how to manipulate it. As most photographers know lighting is everything, so when you know how to manipulate that light you really add that something extra to your photos. With so many possible light sources and light modifiers the possibilties are endless and can become quite overwhelming. I often use this photoflex Website for advise and tips when I'm doing my research. On the subject of technique, this weekend I decided going downtown at night could provide some striking images only capable while its very dark. When shooting at nighttime and using long exposures you need some simple yet vital tools to accomplish the task. The most important being a decent tripod that allows multiple positions and tilting angles. The one thing I really like and enjoy about shooting at nighttime is something that could look quite dull and uneventful during the day simply comes alive at night. Here are some of my favorites from my recent outing. As always, have a look and let me know what you think. Enjoy

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