Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Project Desire"

Hello to all my followers out there. This post will contain what I like to call "Project Desire". I basically got the idea from Canon themselves. This is the link of what I'm talking about if you are interested in seeing their version. I asked my friends to shoots some shots they though interprets the word "Desire" instead of chance. Now i ask of you to look upon the results and vote which one is your favourite. The contributor with the most votes will win a cash prize. The images are displayed with only numbers for voting purposes. Simply leave me a comment on the blog or on facebook with your choice (remember they're numbered). Here are the results, oh and remember to vote.

1.) Photo by: Syndenn Kae

2.) Photo by: Syndenn Kae

3.) Photo by: Syndenn Kae

4.) Photo by: Susan Estabrook

5.) Photo by: Ricardo Chao

6.) Photo by: Ricardo Chao

7.) Photo by: Ricardo Chao

8.) Photo by: Eric Keating

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