Thursday, April 7, 2011

Go with the flow

reflecting on wednesday i am. speaking like yoda is always fun. rode by new (old) bike to work for the first time. it needs some work but its alot of fun to ride. i seriously need a new seat though. so my work is building a new dealership for all of us to move to come august is what they say. i was taken to the construction site today by my boss and it really is quite impressive. its going to be a beast of a dealer. the shop and entire lot is pretty massive. apparently they had to dig 30 feet just to plant the massive american flag that will be put up. kinda funny considering its a german car manufactuer. AMERICA!!. haha ok enough with the patriotism. the memorial was the giffords one at umc. some new some old but the song remains the same.

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  1. very cool effects. i'm impressed :)